Broken Cursors

By   2017-07-16

With Photobucket charging user for $400/year, we have decided to pull our cursors out from Photobucket. We are currently moving cursors from Photobucket to this server. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.


By   2013-11-28

I know you hate ads but I have to support myself. This is the reason why the site is still up and running. I'm sorry, please understand. Disable it on this site. Thank you. :(

Site Growing...

By   2013-05-28

With more than 500+ cursors and many more coming, I thank you guys for your support. Without you, this site wouldn't exist.

Again, I thank you. I promise for more cursors. If you need some request, go ahead and comment your request here.


By   2012-10-14

If you have any request, please comment below.
Please include your tumblr URL for messaging purposes and shoutouts on tumblr and on this site. :)

Be a Member...

By   2012-10-08

Become a member. When you are a member:
You get no ads - Everyone hates advertisement. and so do I but I have to stay this site up and running.
You get points - More points, more chances of winning a cool prize.

Points setup:
Viewing a cursor: 2 points
Rating a cursor: 5 points
Posting a comment: 7 points
Sending a report: 15 points
Referring a user: 50 points
Submitting a cursor: 100 points


By   2012-10-06

Do I have to register?
No, this is optional.

How do you earn points?
Points are earned when you participate in the site such as submitting cursors, reporting broken links, commenting on cursors, etc.

What are points for?
This is where you earn points and where points doesn't matter, or does it? There will be a winner of some cool prizes in the future. Stay tune!